We are more than lucky that, beyond the five members on stage, Brother & Bones has a touring crew that is equally a part of everything we’re about. We have grown up together, grown together, and now we travel together to keep things moving forward.

Rich Thomas: Vocals / Acoustic Guitar

Rich Thomas

Alex Karban: Bass

Alex Karban

James Willard: Electric Guitar

James Willard

Yiannis Sachinis: Drum Kit

Yiannis Sachinis

Robin Howell-Sprent: Drums/Percussion

Robin Howell-Sprent

Luke Pilbeam: Film-Maker

Luke Pilbeam

Director and producer of all Brother & Bones film, Luke has both documented the band and set a benchmark for producing quality, moving-image work over a continuing series of music videos. Luke’s natural ability and ingenuity behind the camera is fundamental to portraying the shared vision of Brother & Bones, and representing it through a captivating synergy of music and film. rockingstonefilms.co.uk

Matt Holloway: Photographer/Videographer

Matt Holloway

Since its conception, Matt has been the eyes behind Brother & Bones’ still-images. As part of the touring crew over the first year of the band, Matt has developed a definitive shooting style that leaves it’s mark in all visual aspects of Brother & Bones. Whether on the road or on stage, Matt’s intuition for capturing raw moments on camera continues to establish photography as an inseparable part of Brother & Bones. High quality photographic prints of Matt’s work can be found in the ‘Shop’ section of our website.

Ruaraidh Monies: Videographer

Ruaraudh Monies

Along with Luke and Matt, Ruaraidh leaves an unmistakable impression from behind the lens. His work has been a foundation for the visuals created around Brother & Bones. Also traveling frequently with the band, Ruarraidh has been a key member capturing its essence visually. rmonies.blogspot.com

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